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Tile Cleaning in Green Valley

Greg and Shirley are pleased to announce an exciting new service that offers   

Totally Green Cleaning 

for Tile & Grout and other hard surfaces.  

Our dry “steam” vapor system is a new patented system that uses only a little water and a little electricity to sanitize, clean and deodorize.  Traditional tile and grout cleaning methods can use 3-4 gallons of water per minute.   Our new steam vapor equipment uses about 1.5 quarts per hour.  This multi-purpose system creates a low moisture vapor that carries heat to the surface you wish to treat. The heat combined with light agitation does the work.  It is mess free with temperatures hot enough to kill bacteria and germs, and emulsify grease and oil as well as other surface contaminates.  This  system can actually remove chemical residuals left behind from previous cleaning procedures.   It uses only clean, clear, potable water.  In most cases no chemical is used with this method.  The water is put into a special tank or boiler that super heats the water and changes it into a hot “dry” mist or vapor.  Floors, other hard surfaces, and fabrics are dry within a few minutes.  Depending on the application, the dirt loosened by the vapor system is simultaneously absorbed in a terry cloth bonnet, or rinsed or wiped away using an absorbent cloth.  

Please see our photo page for an example of 
how well our new system cleans.

For Extreme Soiling or Greasy Conditions We Use… 

… the Turbo-Hybrid shown in the video below.  It uses a combination of nylon cleaning brush bristles, rotary spray jets AND vacuum slots to thoroughly clean tile and grout. The spray jets can use heated or unheated water at high pressure while the nylon brush bristles scrub the floor surface, the vacuum slots then suck up the water, grime and grit and results in clean, sparkling tile and brilliant grout once again!

And don’t forget the best part. Once we’re done making your tile and grout sparkling clean, we can use the Rotovac Powerwand to clean your carpets in no time!  Call us today or fill out our Free Estimate Request to get a quote. We look forward to providing you with excellent carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services!