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Below are some photos from our actual jobs. 

(Please forgive any poor photo quality – I am a professional cleaner, not a photographer).

This was one of our earliest jobs with the Rotovac Powerwand. The carpet was so gross we almost turned down the job, but decided to put the Rotovac to the test.  We saved the carpet that the landlord thought would have to be replaced.  It’s that good!


We used the carpet shown below at our ranch home for three months during monsoon season without cleaning.  It was used daily at our main entrance.  4 dogs and 4 cats really took a toll on it.  The picture on the right shows it (from right) uncleaned, cleaned with a standard wand, and cleaned with the Rotovac Powerwand.

Hi, I’m Bear…I helped too!

We first saw the job pictured below just 8 weeks after it was “cleaned” by one of our competitors.   You can see the heavy traffic lane on the left.

            Before                           After
            Here are 2 photos of the same job in progress

The carpet shown below is 18 years old.  With frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleaning you may get that much use out of your carpet.
Here is the Rotovac in action on 26 Oct 2010:
And again on 11 Jan 2011:
Before                                     After
Berber Carpet – No Problem!
Here you can see the effectiveness of our tile and grout cleaning using our “dry steam vapor” system.  You can see the difference in the grout line.  With this method we have cleaned over 1000 sq ft of tile and grout using only about 4 quarts of water and zero chemicals.  You can click on the “Tile & Grout” tab for more information.
Here’s another example – This grout line was cleaned with nothing but superheated tapwater: